Foreigners over the age of 18 can apply for group classes with any visa as long as they can legally stay or reside in Taiwan during their studies, such as a working holiday, work visa, dependent visa, APRC, degree visa, studying Mandarin visa (FR visa)...etc.

Registration Process:

Online Placement Test

If you have learned Chinese before,please take online placement test(Link) first.
If you are zero Chinese, please move to step 2.

◆The online placement test includes only listening and reading parts, so MLC will be preliminary according to the test results for placement.
Depending on the online placement test results of individual students, MLC will arrange for professional Chinese teachers to conduct online oral tests before the class starts to evaluate suitable classes.


Fill out the online application form(Link), or on-site application.

A. Requirements for New Students:
Application form(for on-site application only)
② Passport copy
③ One passport photo(2X2 inches)

For those who wish to apply for a student visa (for studying Mandarin purpose), please also submit:
④ Copy of diploma from high school or above or equivalent
⑤ Original copy of your financial statement
Applicants need to prove that they have the financial resources to study in Taiwan, so they must provide proof of financial resources within 3 months, with a deposit amount of at least US$2,500 or the equivalent in other currencies.
If you don't have a bank account, you can provide a letter statement(original copy signed and endorsed) from a guarantor with his/her original copy of the financial statement.
⑥ Health examination reports, including measles and rubella antibody positive test reports or vaccination certificates, chest X-ray tuberculosis test reports.
The report or certificate must be translated into Chinese or English and officially verified by the local Taiwan representative office. Please bring it to the school for verification during the new student orientation.
For details from TW CDC(Link)

◆Vietnamese students must have a language proficiency certificate in either English or Chinese.(Details)

B. Requirements for Transfer Students:
Application form(for on-site application only)
② Passport copy
③ Visa or ARC copy
④ One passport photo(2X2 inches)
⑤ Certificate of enrollment, attendance records, and transcripts from other language centers.

◆If the document is not in Chinese or English, please translate it by a translation company first.


Online Registration:
After the registration documents are verified and approved by the school, you can pay by credit card online after receiving the payment notification via email.

On-site Registration:
After the registration documents are verified and approved by the school, you can pay by cash or credit card at the counter.

Complete Registration Procedures

The admission letter will be produced within 3 working days after the tuition fee is paid. The method of collection can be based on the student's needs, including picking up in person at the counter or sending it by airmail or EMS.
After completing the registration procedures, students who need to apply for a student visa for studying Mandarin purpose can start the process.Visa application Process(Link)
Before the start of classes, new students are required to attend the Orientation(Link) on the designated date.

◆MLC only provides admission letters to students who would like to apply for a visa to study Mandarin purposes and won't issue them to students who sign up for short-term courses (less than one semester).
◆Please register and pay as early as possible in case of delays in visa application.