• Chinese Intense Program
    New start every month! Chinese class for all levels. 8-12 people in one class. Accommodation arrangement provided while enrolling. Don't wait, just check it out!
  • 文大華語師資培訓班
    Teaching Chinese as a Second Language(TCSL) 豐富多元的課程,堅強的師資陣容, 文大華語師資培訓是您第一名的選擇! 每月免費師資班說明會, 拉近您與環遊世界教華語的夢!
  • Chinese Culture Seminar
    Culture&Travel&FestivalFREE Chinese Culture Seminars for International friends in Taiwan! Get to know more about Chinese Culture through MLC seminars!
  • Individual Chinese Course
    1 or 1 to maximent 4 people in one class. Uniquely tailored just for you! Start the class any time!
    Evening Chinese classeTo the point Morning & Evening Chinese Courses; Chinese class for businessperson particularly. Available every week! Flexible time and friendly environment!