Cross-industry Collaboration

The influence of Chinese is spreading across the world. Currently one fourth of the world's population can speak Mandarin. Therefore, work is one of the main reasons the MLC continues to promote and teach the Chinese language and Chinese culture. The MLC continues to set high expectations for itself. We hope that through diverse classes, professional teachers, and excellent customer service we can help students from abroad study Chinese effectively and learn about Chinese culture. The MLC invites students from around the world to its campus who wish to learn about the Chinese culture and language. You're welcome to collaborate with us and help the world become more connected through learning a common language.

Our different types of cross-industry collaboration

1. Digital Arts and Research:Use Chinese to learn about the media and research.
2. Presentation and Activities Course:This is for people needing to organize a special project or activity in Chinese.
3. Marketing and Sales:Groups can register to attend one of the MLC's planned activities or design their own.
4. Practical Digital Curriculum:Developing and manufacturing materials for Chinese language and culture education.
5. Advertising or Activity Partnerships:Advertising collaboration, sponsorship or different types of activities.
6. Other