Class Location 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people
On campus- Zhongxiao/Yanping Branch NT.600/h NT.650/h(325/person) NT.900/h(300/person) NT.1000/h(250/person)
On campus- Jianguo Branch NT.700/h NT.750/h(375/person) NT.1050/h(350/person) NT.1200/h(300/person)
On campus- Bilingual Teache NT.800/h NT.1100/h(550/person) NT.1350/h(450/person) NT.1600/h(400/person)
Online Course NT.700/h x x x
Off campus- Taipei area NT.1000/h NT.1200/h(600/person) NT.1350/h(450/person) NT.1600/h(400/person)
Off campus- Company training Other: If there are less than 15 people, then classes may be held on campus. Further inquiries welcome.
Off campus- transportation costs For off campus classes, teacher transportation costs must be added: One way NT.250, round trip NT.500



1. For student's learning rights and interests, the MLC will charge a certain deposit according to the total registered class hours. Students need to pay the full amount of the tuition and deposit whenever the teacher and the classroom have been arranged. The deposit is fully refundable only when students don't exceed the absence limit or class switching regulations shown in the chart below:
2. If a student has paid the full amount of the tuition and did not violate the attendance regulations, they may take their receipt to the MLC office for deposit return.

3.Please drop by the counter that you made the payment originally for the deposit refund within 30 days after the last day of your class.

4.Deposit will not be refunded if the requirements made after the deadline.

Number of class hours Number of times allowed to take off class or change class Deposit
10hours 1times NT.200/person
20hours 3times NT.600/person
21-30hours 4times NT.800/person
31-40hours 5times NT.1000/person
41-50hours 6times NT.1200/person
51-60hours 7times NT.1400/person


Individual Mandarin Course Volume Purchasing-Promotion available only for continuing student

Applies multiply, with maximum bonus 10 hours.

Promo valid until 2020/Dec/31.