Center Introduction


The Mandarin Learning Center (also known as the MLC), is a sub-division of the Chinese Culture University, located in the heart of Taipei City. The MLC is easily accessible by public transportation and is situated next to the beautiful surroundings of Da'an Park. The MLC provides fully equipped facilities and a great atmosphere and study environment for international students. Since being established in 1992, the MLC has been strongly committed to providing the best Chinese language education for its students. Due to this strong dedication and high quality of service, the MLC has experienced a steady growth in the number of incoming students each year. MLC students represent a large number of countries; most of our students come from other countries in Asia, but we also have students from North and South America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. The MLC is unique among language schools, as it follows a calendar schedule in which new intensive courses are opened each month. Unlike other universities that follow traditional fall and spring semester start times, at the MLC a new semester begins every month, making it more convenient for international students to enroll in language classes at any time during the year. Application for new students is easily accessible on our website, and applications can be submitted online, allowing our office to serve those coming to Taiwan more efficiently and effectively.


The MLC provides a complete range of services. As well as a friendly administrative staff who are available to answer questions about any student requirements, we also employ a staff of international student interns in the office who speak a variety of languages to alleviate the problem of language barriers. These interns help students who have just arrived in Taiwan with any questions concerning both the MLC's curriculum, and also life in Taiwan in general, and especially regarding short-term and long-term plans for studying abroad. Interns and staff provide information regarding study plans, course maps, course levels, class times, class content and materials. Office staff are available to assist students in assessing their current Chinese level, and deciding what path they should take for learning based on their current and future goals.


During the 25 years since the MLC's establishment, the school has been committed to both innovations in curriculum development, and also research and development of teaching aides and testing methods. The MLC has been praised by its students for its unceasing dedication in offering a practical and diverse curriculum, its solid intensive courses on a variety of topics and its fun and active teaching methods, all committed to strengthening students' listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities, while also raising their interest in learning Chinese. Additionally, as a means of recognizing the importance of Chinese culture in Chinese language learning, for the past few years the MLC has been offering culture-based lectures that students and members of the community are invited to attend each month, free of charge. The MLC has a professional and experienced team of teachers who utilize well-developed teaching methods and a testing system for speaking ability and reading comprehension. At the MLC we feel that we are constantly moving forward in improving both the quality of our teachers and the outcome of their teaching.


In recent years, the MLC has made steady developments in creating diverse programs to enhance cultural awareness. These monthly programs include field trips into the local community such as company visits, day trips to urban areas, festival events, etc. These activities allow students to engage in the quaint lifestyle that Taiwan has to offer, therefore giving students a deeper insight into Taiwanese culture and allowing them to adjust to life in Taiwan more quickly. In addition, the MLC works closely with associated foreign sister schools, government agencies and community organizations in offering a wide variety of programs to enable broader opportunities for exchanging ideas within the field of Mandarin Chinese study.


Today, the popularity of studying Mandarin Chinese is spreading across the world; Chinese is fast becoming one of the most popular and useful languages to learn. The MLC's extensive Chinese learning curriculum is committed to opening doors to the future for its students, and to helping them develop personal charisma and a competitive edge, therefore allowing them to compete on the world's stage.