Application Process for Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)
Alien Resident Certificate (ARC)

Students who come to Taiwan with a visitor visa for study Chinese purposes can apply for conversion to an alien resident certificate (ARC) for the purpose of studying Chinese if they finish studying Chinese at the same Chinese language center for four months and continue to register for more than three months.

●Certificate of enrollment
●Attendance record
●A 2-inch color photo that is front facing
●Proof of residence in Taiwan(rental contract)
●Health examination certificate

Please check the immigration office's website for details.


Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) Application Process:

  1. Among the documents required for application, it is recommended that students undergo a health examination first. After the examination, it will take at least 7 working days to get the examination report.
    ◆Please refer to the list of designated local hospitals.

  2. Prepay the tuition for the next semester (at least one semester, 3 months), and apply for a certificate of enrollment and an attendance record from the Chinese Language Center Office.

  3. Prepare all the required documents for application and apply for the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) online on the Immigration Agency website(Link for Online Application).
    ◆Please register first for the first-time application.

  4. After submitting your application, please pay attention to your email or online application status. If you need supplementary documents, please upload them as soon as possible.

  5. After passing the verification, you must pay the application fee through the website. After the payment, you can download the electronic file of the Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) on the application website.

Please note:
  1. It is recommended that students start applying for an ARC one month before the expiration of their stay period to avoid running out of time.

  2. The documents provided to the National Immigration Agency must be the latest information. It is recommended that students come to the MLC office to apply for documents 1-2 days before extending the visa.

  3. The attendance status will affect whether the visa can be successfully transfered to ARC. MLC stipulates that students who hold a visa for studying Chinese purposes are not allowed to be absent (including tardiness) for more than 30 hours in a semester. Violators will be expelled from the next semester.
    ◆Relevant regulations of the National Immigration Agency

  4. Please complete the ARC application within the period of stay. If you overstay, you will be fined and you must leave Taiwan and apply for a new visa to enter.
    ◆For details, please see the Immigration Agency website.

Certificate Application:

Documents Certificate Of Enrollment Attendance Record Transcript
Application Method Please fill out the Online application formand pick it up on-site.
Price NTD 20 per copy NTD 20 per copy NTD 50 per copy
Time Required If payment is made before 11:00 AM, then the document will be available for pick up at 12:00 PM that day.
If payment is made before 3:00 PM, then the document will be available for pick up at 4:00 PM that day.
If payment is made after 3:00 PM, then the document will be available for pick up the next school day.