Language Level
    This class is suitable for:

    1. Foreigners that hold other jobs and only have free time at night.
    2. Those who want to improve their conversation skills for practical settings.
    3. Those who can only attend class once or twice a week.


    Beginner Conversation

    Conversation Lessons 01-36


    Advanced Conversation

    Conversation Lessons 37-72

    19:10 - 21:00 19:10 - 21:00
    Language Level Language Level

    1. Beginners

    2. People who want to practice basic conversations

    about everyday life

    1. People who have a good knowledge of Chinese

    2. Those who are able to communicate conversationally



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    Class Schedule



    7:10pm - 9:00pm


    7:10pm - 9:00pm

    Conversation 01-36

    Conversation 37-72