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    Course Fees:

    • One course: $4000 NT for 16 hours of class (8 weeks) to be used within 3 months of purchase
    Two courses: $7200 NT for 32 hours of class (16 weeks) to be used within 6 months of purchase

    You may try out one class for free!

    Come to the MLC Monday or Tuesday before 18:30 pm to get a two-hour free trial of the To the Point course. One free trial class per person!


    MLC students who are in the daytime intensive courses can receive a "Happy Point" every time they refer a friend to the To the Point course series. One "Happy Point" is worth $500 NT, and may be discounted from the following term's tuition fee (intensive courses only).


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    Class Schedule



    7:10pm - 9:00pm


    7:10pm - 9:00pm

    Conversation 01-36

    Conversation 37-72