Scholarships to Study in Taiwan

The State Department, Ministry of Education, Economic Bureau, and the National Technology Association have come together to establish a fund for scholarships to study in Taiwan. We hope to promote cultural exchange by encouraging the top students from abroad to come to Taiwan and study. Students from China, Hong Kong, and Macau are not eligible to apply.

1.What the scholarship provides
(1) Those studying Chinese with the scholarship receive 25,000 NTD per month in aid.
(2) The Ministry of Education also provides a round trip economy class airplane ticket for each student.

2.Scholarship Timeframe
(1) The maximum amount of time you can hold a scholarship to study Chinese is one year.
(2) For college: 4 years. For a master’s degree: 2 years. For a doctoral degree: 4 years.

(1) Foreign students that have at least a high school education, excellent grades and a good attitude.

(2) Students that are from any country besides China, Taiwan, and Macau.

(3) Students that aren't overseas Chinese.

(4) Students that have received a bachelor’s degree outside of Taiwan and are intending on obtaining a second bachelor’s degree.

(5) This scholarship is not for students that have already been recruited by sister schools of Taiwan to come here for an exchange program and are already receiving another forms of aid.

(6) You can only apply if you haven't previously received any scholarships or aid from the Taiwanese government.

4.Additional Information
(1) Information regarding Chinese language scholarships and study plans can be found at the following website
(2) State Department Website

5.Application Period:
From February 1st to April 30th

6. Your scholarship can be suspended for the following month if:

(1) You are absent for more than 12 hours of class per month.
(2) At the start of the second term your grade is lower than 80%.

7. Scholarship Suspension:

(1)  Those who are receiving a scholarship to study Chinese must pass the TOCFL beginner level 2 exam in listening and reading before June. If you can't pass the exam or provide a copy of your exam certificate, your scholarship will be suspended.
(2) Students that have grades lower than 80% for two consecutive terms starting from the second term will have their scholarships suspended.

8. Transfer:
Students that are receiving scholarships may not transfer to another language center.