Accomodation Information


MLC living arrangements

The MLC offers various living arrangements in different locations to satisfy the varying needs of students. The MLC isn't only concerned with your Chinese studies; it also wants you to have a pleasant stay here in Taiwan.  You can have the best experience studying abroad with memories that will last a lifetime.

Option A: Homestay

This living arrangement will take you into a Taiwanese household, offering you a firsthand experience of Taiwanese culture. The home stay option will not only help your language learning process; it will also give you a meaningful cultural exchange with local people. This is the best arrangement if you are hoping to economize as it's our cheapest. If you want to live with a Taiwanese family, this option is for you!

Option B: Hotel Booking Service

These hotels are about  25-minute walk from our school, or alternatively, about 10 minutes by bus. It's very convenient and is also close to many good restaurants and shops.

Please apply your accommodation 4~6 months earlier. The accommodation fee is not include tuitions and books.


Before you arrive in Taiwan, please contact the MLC with any questions regarding living arrangements to avoid problems that arise from applying at the last minute! Email:

Option A:Home stay Option B: Hotel Booking Service
Two weeks NT$7,000 Hsiu-Chi House NT$ 1,452 per day ~NT$ 2,420 per day
Three weeks NT$10,500 Howard International House NT$ 2,115 per day~ NT$3,760 per day
Four Weeks NT$14,000 The Corner House Please email us for further information.
Five Weeks NT$17,500 Peace House


Home Stay Application PDF

Home Stay Application WORD

The following is the information of temporary accommodations:
International House of Taipei
  • 新北市新店區新坡一街102號
  • 102 Xinbo 1st St., Xindian Dist., New Taipei City
  • +886-2-29103117
Taipei Hero House
Y Hotel Taipei
Taipei Teachers' Hostel
  • 台北市中正區南海路15號
  • No.15, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
  • +886-2-23419161
Home Sweet Home Share House
World Scholar House
  • 台北市中正區廣州街10-4號2F
  • 2F., No.10-4, Guangzhou St., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City
  • +886-2-2371-0005