Free Chinese Culture Classes

Learn more about Chinese culture through classes.


The MLC will be presenting a series of FREE Chinese Culture Classes just for our international friends in Taiwan! The MLC believes that 'language' and 'culture' go hand in hand. While learning Mandarin, you can also experience and learn more about Chinese culture.

Experience both through a series of 12 seminars!
The original tuition value is NT$2,000 per person!

Find out how you qualify and how you can register!
Also, invite your international friends to come along and join us!

How to Register:

n華語中心學生For MLC students :

1.  一個月前報名Students can register one month before the course

2. 到辦公室406報名Please register at the office 406.

3. 付每堂課100元保證金To Pay for refundable deposit NTD100 per class.

4. 上課3天前收到郵件Check your email 3days before the course.

*如果沒付保證金,不算報名成功 please notice that your application won’t be completed

  before you pay for the deposit.

n華語中心學生For Non-MLC students:

1.  請在上課前一周聯繫華語中心, 3天前不再接受報名

    Please contact (by email or phone) MLC office one week before the course to check if there’s

    vacancies. Application closed 3days before the course.

2. 上課當天付100元學費To pay NTD100 on the course day.


For MLC students, all classes and course materials are free of charge. Limited seats are available, please register early to guarantee your attendance at the class.