Chinese Teacher Training Program



Since 2000, the Chinese Culture University MLC (Mandarin Learning Center) has offered the TCSL Program, training nearly 1000 students to become qualified TCSL teachers, teaching in various Mandarin learning institutes both in Taiwan and overseas.

Regarding curriculum design, the MLC focuses both on theoretical and practical areas of study. In addition to theoretical subject studying, we also emphasize the importance of practical exercises. We provide students with many opportunities to practice Mandarin teaching through classroom observation, teaching practice, etc. Teaching jobs are also offered to excellent graduates as an encouragement for all the teachers in our program.

Students will receive news letters about post-graduation studying and employment information from local and international teaching organizations after they graduate. Thus, students won’t get disconnected with the field of Mandarin teaching even if they are not able to find teaching jobs immediately after graduation.

Aside from the TCSL training program, the MLC also offers other advanced training courses such as "TCSL Teacher Training Program in Chinese Pronunciation Skills Development", "TSCL Teacher Training Program in Practical Chinese Grammar" and "TCSL Applied Digital Technology Mandarin Language Teaching Methodology", We also provide on-the-job training courses for businesses. Please feel free to contact us for more information

(A) Class Prerequisites:
In the spirit of continuing education, the MLC does not have any prerequisites for this training program. We welcome all students whose Mandarin listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are considered fluent. However, teachers should be notified that they should at least have a Bachelor’s degree if they intend to take the TCSL Examination held by the Ministry of Education.

(B) Teaching Mandarin Market Analysis:
We offer a "Teaching Mandarin Market Analysis and Management Orientation" class for all teachers. It provides the latest analysis of teaching Mandarin trends and changes within the teaching market.

(C) Course Theory:
Teaching theories form the best foundation for excellent Mandarin teachers. Our program provides classes like "Mandarin Phonology", "Mandarin Grammar" and "Mandarin Textbook Teaching". The courses are arranged in levels from easy to difficult, guiding teachers through the field of TCSL.

(D) Practical Courses:
Once teachers have studied foundational teaching theories, practical exercises are applied to perfect teachers’ teaching skills through designed courses such as "Mandarin Lesson Planning", "Practicum and Discussion", "Practical Classroom Activities" and "LSRW Teaching Strategies".

Class Schedule