Program Date                                              
◆Session 1:2020/07/06-07/24
◆Session 2:2020/07/27-08/14





◆ Tuitions    
(A)Sign up 1 session NT 25,000/per person
(B)Sign up both session : NT 50,000 / per person



◆ Registration Fee: FREE     


LunchNT 1,500/per session (Optional)    



Application Process and Requirements     
(A)On-site application
(B)Online applicaiton, link:



(A Tuition fee NT22000  per session for new student sign up and complete tuition fee before March 31, 2020.
Tuition fee NT21000 per session for returning student.



※Each student is subject to one discount only 



2020夏令營中文簡章 (Brochure-Chinese)

2020 CCU MLC Summer Camp Brochure (English)

2020教材說明 (Textbook Introduction)

2020 Application form for adult class 家長班報名表