Session 1 is fully registered, we are no longer to accept session 1 application.

Program Date

• Session 1:2017/07/03~07/21
• Session 2:2017/07/24~08/11

【Join both sessions for more discount!】




(1)Sign up 1 session:
NT$20,000 / per person (US$715)

(2)Sign up both session : NT$36,000 / per personUS$1285

2.Registration Fee:NT$300元 (US$10)

3.Lunch: O
rder by your choice, NT$1500US$50per term

4. Discount
AA 5% discount on tuition fees for 2 students.

BA 10% discount on tuition fees for 3 or more students.

CFree registration fee with 10% discount off tuition fees for previously enrolled students.

(DA 15% discount on tuition fee for student who join group accommodation.

Each student is subject to one discount only.


5. Register Deadline:April 21, 2017



• 2017 MLC Summer Camp Application Form (Word) 

2017 MLC Summer Camp Application Form (PDF) 

Credit Card Payment Form
• Adult Course Application 


Accommodation Information

Summer Camp Group Accommodation Introduction
Summer Camp Group Accommodation Application Form
Hotel Booking Application