Shin Yun Min

就讀期間 ›› 2012/7/25~2013/1/2

The last 3 months was a great time in Taiwan. I actually studied Chinese before in Shanghai at Asia Paris Away. Lots of people choose to go to China to study Chinese, but I think China is not the best place. Those people have never been to Taiwan; if they had been here they would know that Taiwan is much better than Mainland China. I know because I’ve been to almost every city in China.

The MLC is especially good because they have everything for you, including the best teachers, best books, and even WiFi all over the campus.

I don't know much about food and other aspects of life, but the Taiwanese people are super kind and all the food was so yummy. Come to Taiwan, the heart of Asia, and experience it, otherwise you will regret it for your whole life.


Michael Chen  陳律理

就讀期間 ›› 2011/9/14~2012/10/9

I was born in Taiwan, but I grew up in America, and I always wanted an opportunity to live in Taiwan. Coming back to Taiwan has been the greatest experience of my life, and studying Chinese has made it even better. After learning Mandarin at the Chinese Culture University I can now order food from a menu, sing Chinese songs at karaoke, watch movies with Chinese subtitles and message my friends in Chinese! I’ve made a lot of friends and my teachers have really pushed me to improve my Chinese. For those of you who are ABC like me, I highly recommend you study in Taiwan, because not only will you learn Chinese, but you’ll also learn a lot about yourself.


Allan Ferreira  費艾倫

就讀期間 ››2012/12/12~2014/3/11

I have been living in Taiwan for almost 2 years now. In my opinion, Taiwan is the best place in the world. In Brazil, we get out of work and we need to go directly home. There are no places to go, no places to eat and no places to have fun because everything closes too early. In Taiwan, at night time you can go anywhere and do whatever you want. At midnight if you feel hungry there will definitely be a convenience store near your house where you can buy what you need. Also, Taiwan is pretty safe; maybe Taiwanese people don't think so, but for us foreigners it seems extremely safe. I love my life in Taiwan; it is impossible to explain how much I love it here.


Nora Martin-Jankọ  諾拉

就讀期間 ››2013/8/28~2014/5/6

I haven’t been in Taiwan for a very long time yet but I am already enjoying my stay here, and I am convinced that studying in Taiwan this year will be an amazing experience. Life in Taipei is really pleasant; the city has a lot to offer both in terms of leisure and cultural activities, and the public transport is easy to use. Also, there are a lot of places to visit for day-trips around Taipei. Sometimes the weather is strange, and it rains very often, but Taiwanese people are so warm-hearted and welcoming that you quickly forget about the weather issues. Furthermore, I am very satisfied with the Chinese course at the Chinese Culture University. The teachers are really good, and the study topics are well adapted to our needs, so that I actually get to use what I learn in class in everyday life. In just one month I have already improved my Chinese level a lot. I think this year in Taiwan will be very constructive both on an academic and a personal level.

Pablo Angel Chaud 查保羅

就讀期間 ››2013/8/7~2016/3/1

Aún recuerdo el momento en que decidí venir a Taiwán a estudiar chino, estaba nervioso, porque no sabia nada sobre este país ni sobre su idioma, además para mayor dificultad mi ingles no era muy bueno. Lo único que me tranquilizaba era que había oído, lo que luego confirmé, que Taiwán es un país seguro, su gente es amable y siempre dispuesta a ayudar.
Al segundo día de llegar a Taiwán empecé mis clases de chino en MLC, eso fue lo que me terminó de relajar, porque desde el principio noté que era una escuela seria, con buenos profesores y con gran experiencia en la enseñanza del mandarín. Por supuesto, al comienzo se me hizo muy duro, ya que yo no había tenido contacto con el Chino antes, pero en poco meses me encontré comunicándome en chino, ¡algo realmente excitante!.
Recomiendo plenamente venir a este país del que te enamorarás rápido y que no querrás dejar jamás.

Herdy Oktavianto Gunawan朱永昌

就讀期間 ››2017/2~2018/5

Saya adalah Tionghoa Indonesia. Dibawah ini saya ingin menceritakan sedikit tentang pengalaman saya di Taiwan.Taiwan merupakan negara yang sangat populer di daerah saya. Sebagian besar orang tau tentang Taiwan. Sebagian orang juga ingin mendapatkan kesempatan datang ke Taiwan. Sebelumnya saya sudah ke Taiwan tapi hanya melalui visa turis. Dan saya sangat senang bisa tinggal di Taiwan karena lingkungan nya nyaman dan asri, mencari makan itu juga tidak sulit karena banyak toko yang jual makanan dan minuman, terutama mini market seperti 7-11, Family Mart, Ok Mart, dan lainnya. Tapi untuk bisa tinggal lama di Taiwan itu tidak mudah, jadi saya mengambil keputusan untuk bersekolah di Taiwan. Ya Puji Tuhan karena Kakak saya juga setuju dan menyarankan saya untuk mengambil Sekolah Bahasa Di Mandarin Learning Center Chinese Culture University Setelah diterima di sekolah dan memulai proses visa.Akhirnya saya bisa datang kembali ke Taiwan dan meneruskan pengalaman saya disini.