⊕Target Students

(A)Age 7-9 and 10-13 children who come to Taiwan from overseas for vacation
(B)Age 7-9 and 10-13 children who are interested in learning Mandarin

⊕Program Date

(A)First Session:2017 / 7 / 03 ~ 7 / 21
(B)Second Session:2017 / 7 / 24 ~ 8 / 11

⊕Course Content<Download the brochure>
Mandarin Classes Classes will be divided according to 3 different levels: Basic, Intermediate and Intermediate-Advanced.   Experienced professionals will be hired by MLC especially for this Summer Camp. Students will receive proper instructions according to their Chinese proficiency. 。
♦More information of the materials
Culture Courses Chinese cultural courses such as Chinese knotting, toy, dough making, and physical courses such as kung fu, Chinese Diablo…etc. will all be arranged in order to help students to understand Chinese art deeply and cultivate study interest.
Language Reinforcement As for listening, speaking, reading and writing enhancement, we design courses such as Zhu-yin & Pin-yin, Speaking, Word Recognition, Chinese Idiom Application and Essay Composition classes.
Field Trips We will take students to explore the northern Taiwan scenic spots, which all have their own distinguishing local characteristics. These trips are designed to train students' observational skills, inspire their motivations for learning, and foster their appreciation of Taiwanese culture. 
Special Assistance  for Schoolwork Summer Camp students can stay at school after classes. Mandarin assistants will be with students to help with their studies. Children over the age of 10 can also use the Digital Learning Center for homework reviewing, movie appreciation or Internet surfing.
Instructors There is a teacher and a teacher assistant in each class. All of our Mandarin teachers are experienced for teaching and working with children and teenagers. They also all possess a Bachelors degree or higher.

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
09:00-12:00 Mandarin Class
(Orientation and Placement Test)
Mandarin Class Mandarin Class Mandarin Class Mandarin Class
(Field trip/Graduation Ceremony)
12:00-13:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
13:00-15:00 Culture & physical activity courses Elective Class Culture & physical activity courses Elective Class Field Trip
(Movie Watching)
15:00-16:00 After-school Aids on Schoolwork
  1. Orientation and placement test will be held at 9.00am – 12.00noon on July 03 and July 24.
  2. Graduation ceremony is on July 21 and August 11 morning and movie watching in the afternoon.
  3. Field Trip: 2 times each term; half-day or a whole day (depending on the distance of the place).
  4. In case of typhoon, classes or activities on that day will be canceled without making up the class or refund.
♦Download the brochure
⊕Diversified characteristics help children enjoy learning.

◎Solid Mandarin learning guidelines, concerning every kid's study and progress.
◎A variety of fitness courses makes this summer vacation more magnificent.
◎Attentive accommodation arrangement makes studying easier.
◎Both Pinyin and Bopomofo systems are taught in class.
◎MLC is the pioneer of Mandarin summer programs and is an experienced Mandarin teaching specialist.
◎Courses and materials are designed especially for Summer Camp children.
◎Simplified character classes are included to link up with the world trend.
◎Parents can also join the classes with the children to help their learning.
◎Multi-cultural concepts are built in class in order for children to gain a broad view.

⊕Digital Learning Center
Campus-wide Free Wireless Internet Access!
The Digital Learning Center is the first digital library facilitated with the latest technological education in the nation. Each area and space in the center has been carefully designed and detailed to suit different needs of the students' and the teachers'. When not in class, students may use the Digital Learning Center where they can check out books, listen to audio materials, and watch videos, including popular movies. In addition, the center is equipped with the latest computer technology and has a wide variety of materials for language study. Parents are also welcome to use the Digital Learning Center with their "Parent Pick Up/Drop off card".
⊕Class Dates and Tuition
Class Dates First Session: July 3 ~ July 21, 2017
Second Session: July 24 ~ August 11, 2017
Class Time Monday to Friday, 09:00~15:00
Student Makeup Individuals, ranging from the ages of 7-9 and 10-13, who wish to come to Taiwan to learn Mandarin Chinese.
Tuition 1 session/ person – NT$20,000 (US$ 715)
2 sessions/ person – NT$36,000 (US$1285)
Lunch Fee Optional, NT$1500 per term (US$40)
Registration Fee NT$300(US$10)

Registration Deadline

April 21
  • (A)A 5% discount on tuition fees for 2 students.
  • (B)A 10% discount on tuition fees for 3 or more students.
  • (C)Free registration fee with 10% discount off tuition fees for previously enrolled students.
  • (D)A 15% discount on tuition fees for student who join group accommodation.
  • (Each student is subject to one discount only.)
School Location
    No. 231, Jianguo S. Rd., Sec. 2, Taipei City
  1. Please fill out the application form and email the form to the MLC office. Email address: hchu@sce.pccu.edu.tw
  2. The MLC will email you a confirmation letter about your reservation.
  3. Please complete tuition payment within one week after you get a confirmation letter from us,
  4. The registration starts on March. 24, 2017 and ends when the maximum student number is met.
♦download application form ♦download "Credit Card Payment Application"
⊕Accommodation services
In order for the children to enjoy a happy and a fulfilled summer vacation, Chinese Culture University offers a International Kids & Teenager Summer Mandarin Language Camp to establish a solid foundation in Chinese. Our accommodation aids introduce caring and thoughtful residential services, so that children learn with joy, live at ease and earn more confidence!
⊙Option 1: Group Accommodation Program
Over 12-year-old Summer Camp students
Fee Per student per session NT$42,000
Features 24-hour caring and simple environment.
  1. Session 1: 2017/07/02~2017/07/21, July 2 check in, July 21 check out.
  2. Session 2: 2017/07/23~2017/08/11, July 23 check in, Aug. 11 check out.
  3. Room type: 4-person or 6-person bedroom, 1 student / 1 single bed.
  4. Due to the room arrangement, student might have chance to share room with counselor.
  5. Fee includes the accommodation for 19 nights, 2 meals a day (3 meals a day on Saturdays and Sundays), laundry, weekend outdoor excursion cost, MRT and accident insurance costs.
  6. 10-11 year old students who wish to apply Accommodation Program need to apply for the Summer Camp with an elder brother/sister. Summer camp students under age 9 are not acceptable.
  7. MLC has the right to cancel classes if the minimum number of students is not met. The tuition will be fully refunded when this happens.
⊙Option 2: Hotel Booking Service
Summer Camp students accompanied by parents
Features With parents' accompany, students will be safer and taken good care.
  1. An extra of 10% of the accommodation cost will be charged by the school.
  2. The price is for the room rate only, other extra costs is not included. Please follow hotel’s regulation.
  3. Due to July and August is vacation season, please email the hotel booking application 4 months earlier. MLC do not accept phone call booking or on-site booking.
  4. Due to the limit of room, please book the room as early as possible, in case of the room is sold out.
  5. Hotel Booking service is for MLC student only.
  6. Activities after school and during weekends are not provided. Please have your own arrangement if necessary.
⊕File download
◎The introduction of Group accommodation option
◎The application form for Group accommodation
◎Accommodation Application Form
⊕Learning Programs for Parents ~ Learn Together with your children!
While concerning about your children and arranging summer activities for them, do not forget to give yourself a meaningful holiday! Mandarin Learning Center offers a variety of learning programs for the parents who will accompany their children during their study. Parents could choose the most suitable course from the chart below according to your arrangement and interests.
Tuition Fees
Wellness yoga How long have not you stretched your body? Wellness yoga helps your breathing activity, train your body power and the beauty, and also release the pressure and get toxins away from you. Session 1: 7/05~7/20 Session 2: 7/26~8/10 Mon.~ Thu., 0930~1130 Choose 8 out of 10 classes NT$6000/ 16 hours/ per session
Group Class for Adult 6~15 persons in one class. This program helps students on listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

Session 1: 7/04~7/20
Session 2: 7/25~8/10
Mon. ~ Fri., 0900~1200
7/12 & 7/21 & 8/2 & 8/11 No class.
3 hours class a day. Please apply in advance.

Choose 12 out of 11 classes
Session 1:
NT$8500/33 hours/per session
Session 2:
NT$8500/33 hours/per session
1 class cost: NT1000.
Individual class for adult Taylor-made classes. Materials will be chosen for your needs.
Make good usage of your time while in Taiwan.
Custom time NT$700 per hour
Minimum 20 hours in total, with a minimum of 2 hours of class per week.。
Individual class for 2~4 people 2~4 parents could form a group to organize a particular Mandarin class and learn together. Custom time NT$650~NT$1,000 above per hour, Minimum 20 hours in total, with a minimum of 2 hours of class per week.
Chinese culture seminars Parents could explore Chinese Culture through these seminars.   NT$1,000 / each
NOTE:The tuition fees mentioned above do NOT include New Student Registration Fee and the cost of textbooks.
Download "Application form for Parents Program"
⊕Contact Information
Tel: 886-2-27005858 ext.8131-8136
Fax: 886-2-27081257
Website: http://mlc.sce.pccu.edu.tw
E-mail: hchu@sce.pccu.edu.tw
Address: No. 231, Jianguo S. Rd., Sec.2, Taipei 106, Taiwan.