Application Requirements
One year's formal study of Chinese in Taiwan (3 hours per day, 15 hours per week).

Required Documents
1. Application Form (1 form has 3 sheets).(1 form has 3 sheets).
  • Foreign Students Requesting a Work Permit Form (this requires a seal from your employer).
  • Foreign students proof of employment; please obtain an explanation.
  • Foreign students requesting a work permit need a promissory note from their future employer.
2. A copy of the backside of your student visa (you can directly attach it to the front of your application form).
3. An original copy of an academic transcript showing you've been studying Chinese for over a year (4 consecutive terms). 
(For those transferring to the MLC: you will need to provide original transcripts from the places you studied at before to prove you've been studying Chinese for over a year.)
4. A copy of your passport.
5. A copy of both sides of your ARC.
6. An original bank statement proving you have sufficient funds to study.