Summary of Curriculum
As a means of adapting to the recent worldwide upsurge of Mandarin Chinese study, the Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language has been developed as a set of standardized tests to allow non-native speakers of Mandarin Chinese to test their proficiency in the language. Recently there have been gradually more and more students registering for the test in the hope of acquiring a certificate of evidence for their own Mandarin language ability. The test certificate can be very beneficial to foreigners living in Taiwan who are seeking employment or planning on applying for a university course. The Mandarin Learning Center at the Chinese Culture University is especially dedicated to not only offering a fair and authoritative test platform, but also a free course of lectures, and classes for intensive study during the period of time leading up to the test. Through these lectures and classes, we allow students to gain an understanding of the essential study points step by step, and also help students to map out a plan of intensive study during the two weeks before the test. Also, through the means of taking practice tests, students are able to become familiar with all of the test topics and correct exam taking technique, and therefore are also able to prepare for the test in a very short amount of time. Here is an explanation of the curriculum we offer:


A. A free series of two lectures (each one is two hours) focused on gaining an understanding

    of the key exam concepts in a short period of time.

Category What is included

Free Lecture Series

(120 mins per course)

TOCFL test types
TOCFL question types (listening/reading, speaking, writing tests)
Introduction about our TOCFL classes and open for registration


B Day and night Classes of two levels, Band A and Band B.

   (Please visit TOCFL introduction for details about test levels. )

Category Course

Intensive Study Courses

1. Band A

2. Band B

Daytime Class

(20 hours)

Evening Class

(20 hours)

Focus Class (4 hours)

  * For lecture series in October, 2019 and TOCFL focus course , it will be open for registration from November 9. For more information, please visit "Course Dates and Contents."